2014 Charlotte Oktoberfest Charity Selection

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Charlotte, NC, March 14, 2014: The Carolina BrewMasters is proud to announce to you that the Charlotte Oktoberfest Charity Selection Committee has selected these Charities to benefit from our festival. 

Kids Rein

Kids Rein interacts with the child through different teaching methodologies by using hand-over-hand, one-on-one intensive teaching, speech and verbal behavior, physical exercises, cognitive learning skills, early intervention techniques, social engagement, and social play skills. We play learning games and physical exercises on the back of a horse and the best part is... the kids love it! 

Therapeutic Horseback Riding has been widely accepted as a unique and beneficial therapy to many persons with various disabilities. This type of therapy benefits the horse as well as the individual with physical, emotional and learning disabilities. For individuals with disabilities, equine-assisted activities have been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being. Individuals with almost any cognitive, physical and/or emotional disability can benefit from therapeutic riding. Because horseback riding gently and rhythmically moves the rider's body in a manner similar to a human gait, riders with physical disabilities often show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength. For individuals with mental or emotional disabilities, the unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem.  They also work with Charlotte Area Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Military with disabilities or mental deficiencies suffered in the line of duty. 

Classroom Central

Also a 2013 Charlotte Oktoberfest Charity Recipient. Our $25k donation in 2013 provided Children and Teachers with more than $100,000 in school supplies, including: backpacks, pens, pencils, calculators as well as the basics.

Our mission

Classroom Central equips students living in poverty to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free school supplies. Classroom Central serves as an invaluable resource for area students and classrooms.

Our vision

Classroom Central ensures that all children living in poverty have all the tools they need to not only learn but to succeed. When equipped with the proper supplies, we believe there’s no limit to what children can achieve.

Our program

Classroom Central serves high-poverty schools in six school districts: Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Gaston, Iredell-Statesville, Union, Kannapolis & Lancaster.  We distribute school supplies via three programs:

  1. The Free Store – Teachers and other school personnel in qualifying schools “shop” for free school supplies throughout the academic year.  All materials distributed are used to create inviting learning environments and to support student’s academic and personal growth.
  2. The Mobile Free Store – We ship pallets of essential items to the high-poverty schools that are geographically further from our Free Store, an effort to make sure to reach more students. We currently serve over 100 schools a year with this program.
  3. The Classroom Up Program – The Classroom Up program is the first of its kind and allows teachers to order 5 essential school supplies (copy paper, notebooks, notebook paper, pencils & pens) via an online portal.  We then deliver supplies directly the school. We currently serve 34 schools, but will reach all of CMS schools by January 2015.

Camp Care

Camp CARE (Cancer Ain’t Really the End) provides a weeklong summer camp and year-round activities to children who have or have had cancer and their families in the Charlotte area. A child is, first and foremost, a child – not just a cancer patient. We provide support, fun and friendship throughout a family’s journey.

Our summer camp and activities throughout the year are for kids in all stages of the treatment journey: on- or off-treatment, in remission or fighting relapse, no symptoms or side effects and those with physical and mental challenges.

Our weeklong summer camp provides a normal camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings from ages 6-16. Staffed 24/7 by medical professionals, this week of summer camp allows our campers the chance to get away from the realities of living with cancer – while still being under medical supervision at all times. Our campers will get to participate in camp activities like tubing, arts & crafts, swimming, a talent show, a dance, and so much more! But most importantly, campers will have the chance to meet new friends and connect with others who are undergoing the same things that they are going through, while having a great time away from home for a week!

In addition to summer camp, we also offer Camp CARE Connections throughout the year, open to all children and families – even if you have not attended camp. These activities vary each year, but include things like a corn maze, ice skating, a circus and much more. Our annual holiday party takes place each December and is always a fun time to reconnect with friends from camp!

Formed in 1985 by a group of healthcare professionals, we are staffed entirely by volunteers and funded entirely by donations. All activities, including summer camp, are free of charge to all families. Each year, we serve more than 200 campers and their families receiving treatment from Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Children’s Hospital and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital.

Our Mission

Camp CARE is committed to providing a camp and other year-round activities for children up to age 16, who have or have had cancer in the Charlotte area.

(Parents do not go to camp) 

About Charlotte Oktoberfest

The Carolina BrewMasters have always been dedicated to helping our local community. The Charlotte Oktoberfest provides a great opportunity to make an impact

Since the late 90s, the goal was to educate Charlotte residents about the craft brewing movement, and place special emphasis on the growing number of breweries in the Southeast. In the 15 years since its founding, the festival has grown to become one of the largest beer festivals in the Southeast, and was named one of the top 10 fall beer festivals in the country by RoadTripsForBeer.com in 2010.

The festival is a nearly 100 percent volunteer-run event and by hosting the event, our club has donated more than half a million dollars to local Charlotte charities.

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