January 2006 Newsletter

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Carolina Brewmasters Club Meeting

January 4, 2006



A)Modern Marvels on the History Channel

1)Ancient Sumerians discovered beer making 6000 years ago

a)Beginnings of settling down into village lifestyle, forsaking of nomadic lifestyle.

b)Establishment of organized, large-scale agricultural enterprises

c)Establishment of bread making as a convenient and bacteria-proof method for transporting beer-making materials

d)Major form of currency in the ancient world – wages often paid in beer.

e)Major factor in the establishment of trade routes and commerce between civilizations

f)Beer was a core part of the first established recorded law, the Code of Hammurabi.

2)Other interesting facts

a)Ancient Egyptians were remarkably pluralistic – they reportedly brewed over 30 types of beer and shipped their products all over the Mediterranean.

b)Egyptian Pharaohs often buried with miniature breweries in their temples to assure an adequate supply of beer for the afterlife.

3)Re-broadcast will be Saturday January 14th, 7:00pm


B)Purpose of this Homebrew Club

1)This is a homebrew club, first and foremost.

2)This is a society for the appreciation of the myriad styles of beer made all over the world, second.

3)Every time that we brew, we are carrying on a tradition that has existed for thousands of years… a tradition that represents the very foundation of modern society as we know it… and a tradition with one of the richest histories on record. Every time we brew…


C)Putting the Homebrew center stage

1)More educational emphasis during monthly club meetings and during brew sessions

2)Special guests from the regional brewing community

3)More support form the club for any and all members wishing to participate in CBoY competitions.

4)Pushing to put the Carolina Homebrew community on the national homebrewing radar by increasing our participation in the AHA National competition, vying for an AHA Club-Only competition judging, and shooting ultimately for the AHA South Regional competition in 2007.

5)Monthly club-only-competitions.

6)Increase the visibility of homebrewing at the Charlotte Oktoberfest Beer Festival.


II)Officer Reports

A)Brewing Report

B)Recruitment (Ben Dolphens)

1)Introduction of new and visiting members

2)Institution of new policies for increased retention of new members for 2006.


C)Social Events (Justin Mitchell)

1)Recurring social events

a)Pint nights

2)Planned social events for 2006

a)Checkers Hockey game (Jan/Feb.)

b)NC Brewery Day Trip (Spring)

c)Mead and food tasting (mid-Summer)

d)Knights baseball game (Summer)

e)Weekend Camping trip to Hot Springs campground (Summer)

f)Panthers tailgating party (Fall)

g)Party bus bar crawl (Fall)

h)CBM Christmas Party (Winter)

i)Bowling Night (Winter)

j)Various other club-sponsored gatherings, budget permitting.

3)Member commitments – All events will be open to all members on a first-come, first-served basis.Attendees will need to commit to the purchase prior to next years ticket sales in order to make purchase of group tickets possible.


D)Competition (Bill Lynch)

1)CBoY 2005 Results – Palmetto kicked our tails last year due to greater participation. We need to do better in 2006.

2)What we plan to do to win in 2006

a)Club transportation for all CBoY competitions

b)Special club t-shirt for all CBM members who win ribbons in 2006, thus helping us take the club title back!(not covered)

c)Special club incentives for entering beers in CBoY competitions.

3)CBoY 2006 Schedule – The time to brew for these Spring competitions is now!

a)Shamrock Open competition

b)US Open – April 2006

i)TBD – Location, date, etc.

ii)Need 2 prize coordinators and 2 food coordinators

c)DEA – June 2006

4)AHA Club-only Competitions

a)January 2006 – Belgian Strong Ales – Category 18

b)March 2006 – American Ales – Category 10

c)May 2006 – Extract Beers

d)August 2006 – Mead – Categories 24-26

e)September 2006 – Stout – Category 13

f)Novermber 2006 – Light Hybrid Beers – Category 6

5)Why compete? (Todd)

a)Because nothing will help you to improve your beer more than the feedback you receive from competition, and we all want to be better brewers.

b)Because we are the largest, most influential homebrew club in the Carolinas, and we should always act from a position of leadership.

c)Because we’re the best damn bunch of homebrewers in the Carolinas.

d)Because we’re going to start going after the AHA Club of the Year title beginning this year.


E)Education (Mike Ruff)

1)2006 Brew Sessions – Schedule is open for the following months

a)Enhanced club support for 2006 – All brew session host will now be compensated

b)All brew sessions will now feature an educational component based on the style being brewed.

2)BJCP Education Sessions – We will consider hosting these again this year if there is enough interest.

3)All club meetings will now feature an educational segment, and we will also have an educational presentation once per quarter.

4)(Bruno) We will also be hosting the BJCP exam on Saturday, February 4thhere in Charlotte. Anyone interested in taking the exam should contact Bruno. The club will cover half of your participation cost, so members will only need to pay $25 of the $50 total.


F)Oktoberfest 2006 (Wayne Fricke)

1)Committee formation and changes for 2006

2)Event date: September 30, 2005

3)Committee meetings will begin in March

4)Committee chairs: Bill Lynch – Brewers, Todd Bowman – Advertising, Justin Mitchell – Event Site, Felton Dengler – Finances. All committee chairs will also have a number of teams reporting to them, so please sign up if you are interested in participating.

5)Search for a new event site – We have identified a number of potential locations, but are always open to suggestions if anyone has them.

6)Search for event sponsors – Please let Wayne know if you have potential candidates.


G)Finances (Felton Dengler)

1)Dues are now due!!!


H)Website (Gary Cathey)

1)Revised CBM website is now live! Changes have been made to web layout – if you have any comments or feedback, please send them toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


III)Club Tasting

A)New group tasting at every meeting

1)Brewer must e-mail president (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 24-hours before the meeting to indicate their intention of bringing in a beer for the club-wide judging,

2)Brewer must bring at least a 6-pack or equivalent quantity (64-oz. growler, 2-liter bottle) of beer to the meeting, in proper condition and temperature for serving.

3)Everyone wanting to taste the beer MUST have a properly sized taster to participate. A 1-oz. pour will be standard.

4)Every beer will be tasted by the group and discussed in an organized, educational fashion, with reference made to the BJCP style guide.

5)At the end of the tasting, all participants will vote on the best homebrew of the meeting.

6)The winner will have their recipe published on the CBM website, and will receive a prize for their efforts.


B)New CBM Brewer of the Year Competition


IV)Open Tasting Session(Todd):

A)Tasting Glass Reminder– 2-4oz. glass is still required.

B)Open tasting: Homebrews first

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