February 2006 Newsletter

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Carolina Brewmasters Club Meeting - February 1, 2006


I)                    Officer Reports

A)      Brewing Report (Todd) – Who brewed what last month?

B)      Recruitment (Ben Dolphens)

1)       Visitor Introductions

2)       New Member Introductions

3)       Name Tag Color Explanations

a)        Blue – Officers*     

b)       Red – Current Members*

c)        Green – New Members*

d)       Yellow – Visitors*

4)       Volunteer Ambassadors

a)        Explain reason behind Club Ambassadors

b)       Any current members willing to walk around with visitors/new members?

5)       Sign-up sheet

a)        Make visitors aware of sign-up sheet

b)       Direct them to Felton if they wish to join

C)      Social Events (Justin Mitchell)

1)       Charlotte Checkers game is set for 2/11. We have 37 members currently planning on attending.

a)        We will meet at Brixx uptown at 5:30pm, and will head over to the game at 6:30pm.

b)       If you have not already paid for your tickets, please do so tonight. Price is $20 per ticket, but as this event is club-sponsored, this deposit will be fully reimbursed to all participating club members at the restaurant before the game.

c)        All social events will be pre-paid due to commitment problems in years past.

2)       Upcoming social events for March will include a pint night and a “bowling for beer” night. 

3)       Remember to be smart while tasting tonight. Taste responsibly using a sampling glass only, and don’t forget to pay your tabs and tip the wait staff please.

D)      Competition (Todd Bowman)

1)       Winning CBoY in 2006

a)        We need all CBM members to compete at Shamrock! If you’re brewing, you need to be entering competition!

b)       Special club t-shirt for all CBM members who win ribbons in 2006, thus helping us take the club title back! Special club incentives for entering beers in CBoY competitions (more later).

2)       CBoY 2006 Schedule – The time to brew for these Spring competitions is now!

a)        Shamrock Open competition – March 18th 2006. Website: http://hbd.org/carboy/shamrock.htm.

i)               Registration opens February 11the and closes March 11th

ii)             More details will be posted to the CBM website as they become available.

b)       DEA Open – June 2006 (no date set as of yet).

3)       US Open 2006 – Will be held May 13.

a)        Event location (tentative) will be Carolina Beer & Beverage in Mooresville, NC. CB&B has a large conference room.

b)       US Open Committee needs volunteers – Currently, we

c)        We are overhauling the entry rules for the competition. For starters, all entries will be on-line (no paper entry forms), all entries must be received the Wednesday before the competition (no walk ups).

d)       To alleviate the strain on the other CBoY clubs, we will run a van to all CBoY markets the previous Saturday to pick up entries.

4)       Upcoming AHA Club-only Competitions

a)        March 2006 – American Ales – Category 10

b)       May 2006 – Extract Beers

c)        August 2006 – Mead – Categories 24-26

5)       AHA Nationals 2006

a)        Entry deadline – April 3-14th. Regional competitions April 21-30th.

b)       With the US Open re-scheduled, you have no excuse not to get some entries in for this competition!

E)      Education (Mike & Patty Ruff)

1)       Brew Sessions

a)        Jan. Brew Session hosted by Cain Binning – It was a terrific all-grain session.

b)       Feb. Brew Sessions hosted by Jason Teeter, Sun. 2/19 @ 1:30pm – This will be a mini mash, demonstrating the “how to’s”. Style brewed will be an American Pale Ale, so please bring samples of this style for tasting.

c)        Available months for brew sessions are as follows:

d)       Big Brew scheduled for May 6th – Location is Gary Cathey’s house. Start making plans to attend now.

e)        Standard club support for brew sessions: $40 for host to provide food. Education VPs will also provide an assortment of commercial beers matching the style being brewed for the session.

2)       BJCP Exam will be held this Saturday, 2/4 at 9:00am, Flying Saucer in University area.

a)        Club will reimburse $25 of the $50 fee for new exam takers.

3)       BJCP study groups for 2006-7:  Is anyone interested in getting together to begin studying for next year’s exam? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with potential time and days that would work for you.

a)        Please look at study guide on line, before deciding. http://www.bjcp.org/study.html#quest

4)       Preparing for competition – A critical part of competition preparation is bottling. Determining what bottles, caps, sizes, etc. are appropriate, as well as mastering good techniques for bottling your beers.

a)        Great article on bottling for competition from BYO (http://www.byo.com/feature/216.html) (HANDOUT).

b)       Bill Lynch (Competition VP) has also assembled a guideline for entering competitions (HANDOUT).

F)       Oktoberfest 2006 (Wayne Fricke)

1)       Event date: September 30, 2005

2)       Committee meetings will begin in March

3)       Committee chairs: Bill Lynch – Brewers, Todd Bowman – Advertising, Justin Mitchell – Event Site, Felton Dengler – Finances. Please sign up with these individuals if you are interested in participating. 

4)       Event site and sponsors – We continue to search for an appropriate event site and event sponsors.

G)      Finances (Felton Dengler)

1)       Dues are now due!!!

H)      Website (Gary Cathey)

1)       New Members Only Page launched – This page is secure and encrypted, so that no outside users can get access.

a)        New page currently lists phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all active (dues paid) club members.

b)       If you wish to have access to this page, you need to e-mail Gary directly for a password (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


II)                 Additional Updates

A)      CCA British Foods has moved! – Their new address is 2717 South Blvd. next to the Home Economist. Cathy reports that beer sales have dropped off, so she assumed we must be a bit lost! Please be sure to visit her for all your British beer needs.

B)      Hickory Hops – Currently scheduled for Saturday, April 22. There are also rumors of a Raleigh festival the same weekend, but we assume this date will be changed.


III)               Visiting Brewer: Jamie Bartholomaus from Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, NC

A)      Foothills Brewing Company

638 West Fourth Street, Winston-Salem, NC

Website: www.foothillsbrewing.com Phone: 336-777-3348


IV)               CBM Club Tasting

A)      Rules and Regulations

1)       Brewer must e-mail president (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 24-hours before the meeting to indicate their intention of bringing in a beer for the club-wide judging,

2)       Brewer must bring at least a 6-pack or equivalent quantity (64-oz. growler, 2-liter bottle) of beer to the meeting, in proper condition and temperature for serving.

3)       Everyone wanting to taste the beer MUST have a properly sized taster to participate. A 1-oz. pour will be standard.

4)       Every beer will be tasted by the group and discussed in an organized, educational fashion, with reference made to the BJCP style guide (if appropriate). All members are expected to participate in the discussion.

5)       At the end of the tasting, all participants will vote on the best homebrew of the meeting.

6)       The winner will have their recipe published on the CBM website, and will receive a prize for their efforts.

B)      New CBM Brewer of the Year Competition begins this month!

1)       Brewers will earn points for entering Club-only competitions, including AHA Nationals Club-only comps. Bonus points will be awarded to winners

2)       Brewers will earn points for entering beers in CBoY competitions. Brewers who enter larger numbers (5, 10, 15) will receive additional points. Bonus points will be awarded for beers that take ribbons and earn the club CBoY points.

3)       Brewers will also receive points for hosting brew sessions, hosting tasting sessions, organizing club education sessions in club meetings, etc.

4)       At the Holiday Christmas party, the winner of the Carolina Brewer of the Year will receive a prize (value over $100), their name on a plaque that we will add names to every year,

5)       Every person who earned points towards the Carolina Brewer of the Year title will earn a raffle ticket, which can be used at a raffle of homebrewing supplies, fine beers and other prizes at the Christmas Party. 1 point = 1 ticket. These tickets will not be available for sale, so the only way to get them is to earn points.


Special/Best Bitter                                   _______________________________________________________________________________________


American Pale Ale                                  _______________________________________________________________________________________


American Pale Ale                                  _______________________________________________________________________________________


Robust Porter                                        Winner - Wayne Fricke brewed this beer !


American IPA                                         _______________________________________________________________________________________


Strong Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy)             _______________________________________________________________________________________


Smoked Belgian Brown Ale                   _______________________________________________________________________________________


American Barleywine                              _______________________________________________________________________________________

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