Entering Competitions

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How to Enter a Competition
While the process may differ slightly at each event, the steps are very similar across most comps.

  1. Know your beer. It may taste great, but if your beer does not fit a specific classic style category, or you simply mis-categorize it, then it may score below its potential. CBM members can assist with telling you where it would best fit. Even after you know all this, it is possible to pick the wrong bottle from the fridge: Be careful.
  2. Know the registration and entry deadlines; they may differ by two weeks.
  3. Expect to deliver two and sometimes three bottles (in popular categories), and be prepared to attach a check or submit PayPal payment for the entries.
  4. Visit the club's registration site. This info varies by club (and data changes by year), and the current info will be posted on this site and sent by Brewnet.
  5. Enter your beers into the appropriate categories, and print the labels that the registration site will generate. Cut them out and rubber-band the correct label to each bottle. Some people put labels in sandwich bags to prevent moisture damage.
  6. Once the online process is complete, and entry bottles are properly labeled and fees paid, bring your entries to the designated pick-up site. Usually, CBM and the other clubs pick up each others' entries at the city's home brew store. Sometimes, a member agrees to pickup and deliver all entries to the other site for CBM.
  7. The above guidelines cover the basics for entering competitions. The VP of Competitions will communicate entry deadlines and registration sites to all members prior to any competitions. If you have any questions about entering any competitions please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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